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These are just a sampling of our hardware and juice brands. Stop by to see it all and sample the juice bar!

Fresh & Fruity

Blackberry : Fresh blackberries extracted from farms in the great northeast
Blueberry : Handfulls of juicy blueberries in vapor form
Pink Flame : With a sweetness that will awaken your tastebuds - the classic refreshing taste of lemonade with a raspberry twist!
BlueDragon Pomegranate : A unique blend of blueberry dragonfruit and pomegranate for a sweet yet tart flavor. A house favorite!
Gator's Guava : Guava - straight from the tree!
Fruity Loops : Part of a complete breakfast
Grapple : A grape and an apple got in a fight. Who won…?
Green Apple : Green and sour and great to vape
Hawaiian Delight : A sweet blend of coconut and banana and apple
Lemon Nectar : Lemon and Nectarine squeezed together
Island Punch : OH YEAH!!! Mango pineapple and coconut all punched into one bottle
Kiwious : Kiwi and blueberry - what more do you want? huh?
Kona Cream : A creamy Kona coffee blend
Mad Grapes : Grapes of all colors straight off the vine
Mandarin Orange : Delicious orange from the north of China
Mango : Sweet ripe mangos without the short shelf life
Melon Explosion : A refreshing combination of canteloupe and watermelon with a splash of juicy orange
Pineapple : Sliced with a machete to be devoured
Raspberry : Fresh wild raspberries from upstate New York
Strawberry : Sweet ripe strawberries sure to satisfy
Top Banana : Banana hard candy flavor
Tropical Splash : Mango pineapple and coconut diced and consumed fresh
Very Berry : A delicate blend of blueberries. Raspberries. and blackberries
Coming Soon! : You new favorite flavor - COMING SOON!
Dragon`s Blood : An exotic blend of dragonfruit and strawberry
Razzleberry : An interesting blend of exotic berries
Razzle Dazzle : Raspberries and blackberries sour style
Blue Dream : Wild blueberries with a hint of vanilla
Pineapple Express : Fresh pineapple with vanilla custard
Dragon`s Tear : A creamy blend of dragonfruit and strawberry
Honey Dew Me : Honeydew Melon Perfected
Iced Apple : Apples frozen with hints of peppermint
Strawberry Sunrise : Sweet Strawberry mixed perfectly with ripe mango. A VapeQueen top pick
Kiwiberry : Half strawberry and half kiwi
Coming Soon! : Your new favorite flavor - COMING SOON!
Blue Melon : Blueberry and cantaloupe: sweet tart and a best seller
Peachy Lychee : Peaches and ripe lychee blended together
Coming Soon! : Your new favorite flavor - COMING SOON!
Rainbow Road : Pineapple and strawberry with a hint of green apple

Candy Treats

Black Licorice : Your grandma`s favorite candy
O Baby : A grape candy so good it will make you slep your mama!!
Butter Scotch : Sweet. Buttery. Melts in your mouth
Caramel Apple : Sweet red apples dipped in chewy melty caramel
Cotton Candy : Fluffy and white just like at the fare
Lemon Blueberry Cotton Candy : A fluffy pillow of lemon blueberry cotton candy...what`s not to like?
Lemon Berry Mint : Refreshing at any point in the day. This blend is certain to perk you up.
Jolly Apple : Sour apple candy
Bubblegum : Gum from the bubble tree
Sweetish Fish : The little red fish from Scandinavia
Jolly Rancher Watermelon : Watermelon candy
Skittles : Taste the rainbow!
Sour Yum : Watermelon sour mix
Cinnamon Red Hot : The spicy candies melted down to a vapeable form
Candy Corn : Happy Halloween
Coming Soon! : Your new favorite flavor - COMING SOON!

Rich & Creamy

Banana Butter : Creamy peanut butter with ripe sliced bananas
Coco Cream : Coconut and toasted almond and pecan with a touch of smooth cinnamon
Bavarian Cream : The creamy donut filling vape style
Caramel Cream : Creamy sweet caramel with a buttery finish
Cherries and Cream : Cherries smothered in sweet cream
Citidel : A robust blend of coconut and bourbon with a touch of vanilla bean and cinnamon
Nut Crunch : A satisfying blend of creamy peanut butter and berry crunch!
Breakfast Blues : Fluffy blueberry pancakes topped with whipped cream
Peanut Butter Jealous : Creamy peanut butter with a sweet strawberry jam
Breakfast of the Smurfs : Even Gargamel wants to get his hands on this creamy blueberry danish
Maple Cream : Maple syrup sans pancakes
Feelin Peachy : Ripe peaches and sweet cream. So good it`s sensual
Grumpy-O's : Your favorite honey nut breakfast woke up on the wrong side of the bed
Vanilla Cream : Perfect vanilla flavor with hints of whipped cream
French Vanilla Butternut : Sweet and creamy
Nip Juice : Sweet and succulent strawberry custard. A comforting treat for everyone

Full Flavour Tobaccos

Queen Select : A decadent blend of steeped tobacco and coconut
Hangsen Menthol : Light menthol tobacco
Hangsen RY4 : Light tobacco flavor
Mad 4 : A delicate blend of four types of tobacco
Mad Tobacco : A bold Turkish tobacco blend
Backie Buttah : Sweet and savory tobacco butterscotch blend
Sweet Carolina : A sweet honey-caramel tobacco
Marlbro : Classic tobacco
Hangsen Desert Ship : A dry tobacco blend
Homewrecker : Smooth creamy flavor with coconut and toasted pecan and vanilla
Marlboro Red : Cowboy life savers
Newport : Menthol tobacco without all the side effects
East Coast Tobacco : A blend of tobacco from the home of the tobacco trade
Green Lights : Light menthol tobacco
Cubano : Tobacco harvested 90 miles south of Florida

Refreshing Mint

Candy Cane : Just like Christmas.
Chocolate Mint : Rich double chocolate mixed with smooth mint
Spearmint : Homegrown spearmint blended to perfection
Ultramint : Peppermint spearmint and menthol all mixed into one icy flavor
Extreme Ice : There`s a reason we call it extreme
Vatic Frost : Icey mint leaf with hints of peaches and raspberry and blueberry
Dragon`s Breath : Sweet dragonfruit with mint

Desserts To Die For

Chocolate Covered Strawberry : The ubiquitous favorite flavor of Saint Valentine. fresh picked strawberries dipped in luxurious chocolate.
Hacker Jacks : No prize included!
Fried Apple : Whole red apples skewered and fried to perfection
Apple Pie : Glorious toasty pie crust with a gooey apple filling topped with a rich whipped cream
Snap Crackle Pop : Rice crispy treats oozing with marshmallow
Banana Bread : Fresh out of the oven. Soft banana goodness baked to perfection
Coming Soon! :
Sticky Buns : Gooey and sticky and oh so delicious
Peanut Butter Cup : Creamy peanut butter wrapped in a milk chocolate shell
S`mores : With graham crackers chocolate and marshmallows. Who wouldn\’t want s\’more?
Chocolate Pecan Pie : Delicious pecan pie covered in chocolate fudge
Coming Soon! : Your new favorite flavor - COMING SOON!
Vanilla Custard : Creamy and delicious a vanilla at its best
Coming Soon! : Your new favorite flavor - COMING SOON!
Peanut Butter Sugar Cookie : The classic peanut butter cookie perfected
Punkin` Pie : Thanksgiving desert VapeQueen style

Delicious Drinks

Apridisiac : Champagne with an apricot twist
Trifecta : Three minds come together to create this silky strawberry milk!
Mojito : Refreshing lime and mint mixed drink with just a touch of salt
Pina Colada : Pineapple and coconut blended to perfection with a hint of lime and cherry
Coming soon! : Your new favorite flavor - COMING SOON!
Coming soon! : Your new favorite flavor - COMING SOON!
Strawberry Banana Smoothie : Banana and sweet strawberry smoothie
Strawberry Lemonade : Grab a glass of lemonade and throw a few strawberry slices inside
Freckled Lemonade : Lemonade with sliced strawberries
Black Raspberry Champagne : Black raspberry suspended in a vintage moet
Brown Cow : If regular milk comes from regular cows...
Raspberry Limeade : Ripe raspberries and fresh squeezed lime. The perfect summer drink

Robust Coffees

Hazelnut Caramel Macchiato : Creamy blend of coffee and hazelnut for out special macchiato
Mocha Fluff : A creamy mocha coffee with a marshmallow whip
French Roast : Dark coffee blend with a vanilla creamer

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